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Today most women work full time and still run an effective,stable, secure household. At least we hope we do. There is a significant increase in women’s stress levels today than when our mothers were working full-time and running a household.Our jobs are a lot more demanding and high profile. Not only do we expect ourselves to perform and produce the same content at the same pace as our male counterparts, but it is expected of us by our peers.

Women are seen as the caretakers of society.As much as we must perform as well as men, there may also be an unspoken expectation, in the workplace, of us also taking care of others.Couple that with our care taking positions at home, a lot of demands are placed on all of our senses and capabilities on any given day. We are more than able to cope with these demands and we know within ourselves we can do it. However, we need to understand how essential it is for us to give ourselves private time, alone time.It’s time tode-stress.

Women react differently to men in stress related situations, emotionally and psychologically, which in itself is not necessarily a bad thing. Except of course if you become a raging, psychopathic, lunatic when you are faced with undue stress. Women stress every day, from the time of waking up to going to sleep. It is not always excessive pressure, but it’s the thoughts going through our heads, of everything that we wish to accomplish in that day.Everything we strive to achieve in our lifetimes and questioning ourselves on the steps we are taking today to produce tomorrow’s results.Whether it be our relationships with our husbands or partners. Our children their education, nutrition, sports and culture, our work performance, our colleagues, our future promotions at work, our customers, our extended families, our pets and our household staff.

Cortisol is a steroid hormoneit converts proteins into energy and releases glycogen and counteracts inflammation.We cannot live without it, but it must not be allowed to go into overdrive.High Cortisol levels break our bodies down and affect us negatively in numerous ways. Stress causes high Cortisol secretions.

Apart from the extreme damage high Cortisol levels do to our bodies, there is a hypothesis that high cortisol, secretions when we are stressed, can be linked to the distribution of abdominal fat. In other words when you are stressing, your body produces more cortisol than it should and this in turn causes you to pick up weight around your stomach. Have you see people who seem to have a fairly ordinary body size but they have really huge stomachs?It is more than likely a high cortisol problem.

Stress can have so many detrimental effects on our bodies and as society becomes more fast paced and fever-pitched, so our stress levels increase.

Take time out, go and read a magazine under a tree, do some exercise, color in a picture with your child, go on a date night, book a massage.Relax and lose your tummy weight.


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