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I am always amazed at the profusion of women’s health magazines on the shelves when I go shopping. Every one of them aims at a different aspect of women and their health or some have a little bit of everything. I gaze in amazement at these jam packed shelves, reading the covers, then like a crazed junkiewhile my husband has his back turned I quickly stack them all in the trolley, no perishable to touch them and rush to the checkout before my husband can stop me. That impulse buying mode that the retailers love so much has kicked in. I am a retailers dream; I have to have all those issues’. I know there is a huge availability of women health magazines online, but that’s the thing, the impulse buying mode does not strike me when I am online and I am wary of lying in a huge bubble bath with my ipad.

I read everything in those magazines from cover to cover. Healthy, radical, disease fighting foods and your worst foods ever.I love the recipes, my family do to, if my work allows it for the next 2 weeks they have the most indulgent and adventurous meals.

Make up trends, cosmetics and beauty products are next on my list of priorities.From night cream to plastic surgery. I read those pages of beauty tips and cosmetic advertorials as if I was writing my thesis on them, sometimes I even read them twice. I would like to go out and buy all those products as well, you know, do some consumer testing, alas it might lead to divorce.

Then there are all the general health tips, the most important being weight loss, weight gain, centimetres lost and muscle gain.I must admit I read those pages thoroughly as well and go back to them often. I have found a lot of them to be very beneficial, the quick 20 minute exercise routines when you are travelling or your day is just jam packed and you cannot get to gym. The journal to measure cm’s on all your body parts when you are training. Specific body part training, bum and abs, there is always an extra routine you can do to get them tight and sculpted.

At the end of the day I love my womens health magazine and everything they address is pertinent to me as a woman, a wife and a mother.




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