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Many women may not want to see a male GP for some of the health issues that they may be having. So, most are referred to well-women clinics or women’s health centres, where women can go and speak to female GP’s and health professionals with any problems they may be having. What the clinic can offer include;

  • Family planning, where they are able to discuss and come up with a solution that best suits you, and works for you. Sometimes they are even able to fit IUD coil, which is one of the many options available at the health centres and clinics.
  • The menopause. If you think you are going through, or may be about to go through the menopause the clinic and health professionals will be able to give you any advice you may need in helping get through the menopause.
  • Cervical smears. These are very important to women’s health, and are a must thing to have done. If you don’t want this done by a male medical practioner, this is best option for you. Having a cervical smear done, may result in saving your life if anything abnormal was to be found in your results.
  • On a problem relating to gynaecology, that you wouldn’t be able to talk to your own GP about. Well women centres, will offer advice and refer you to the correct place, if anything is found to be wrong. They may also offer you and discuss any medical procedures that may need to take place if anything serious is said to be found.

Health centres for women may also offer the emergency contraception for when you have had unprotected sex, or your other methods of contraception have failed. The centre may offer two types of emergency contraception; the IUD or the emergency contraceptive pill, also known as the morning after pill. The centre will sit down and discuss which the best method for you to take is, and how it works. At the health centre, you will also be able to discuss your general health including; blood pressure, urine samples, and weight checks and have you cholesterol checked as well. Some hospitals may also run well women’s clinics or have health centres, which you may not need a referral for. Also, an appointment is always necessary either when using these ones based within the hospitals. If you need any more information on these clinics, it’s always best to ask your GP to make sure you get the right information for you.



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