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Whey Protein versus Erectile Dysfunction


Men face potentialhealth concerns as they get older, there are always the obvious diseases and ailments that may or may not happen to them. Today men are more informed about what may be happening in their bodies and how to prevent or take care of their bodies to ensure optimum lifestyles and health.

Men get older, however there are ways and means that they can still perform at their optimum without allowing the “Old Age” diseasemake them old. Ageing for men means they need to start paying particular attention to certain parts of their bodies and their lifestyle’s to ensure optimum ageing. Men can have energetic bodies and healthy lives as they get older.

The main aspects of men’s health needing attention as they get older is;testosterone levels, which encompassessexual health, weight which includes nutrition and physical fitness and then mental health.

Testosterone levels in men start decreasing from the age of 30, less testosterone development is not only pertinent to much older men, men as young as 30 need to be aware of a possible decline in testosterone levels.Memory and concentration lapses, low sex drive, depression and erectile dysfunction are symptoms of decreasing testosterone levels.Produced by the testes, testosterone is considered to be the “man” hormone.

Testosterone is very significant in male sexuality and reproduction; however it has other lesser known properties such as improving a man’s sense of self, improving red blood cells, maintaining bone density and impacts hair growth and muscle mass. Men’s optimum health levels are quite dependant on testosterone, and the way to increase testosterone levels naturally also target other health issues men may have as they get older, such as weight and nutrition.

Exercise and diet, especially high intensity exercises and strength training boost testosterone. Overweight men will automatically have lower testosterone levels so it is important to get more sun, Vitamin D increases testosterone and sunlight will trick your body into producing more testosterone while you get thinner. Stay off sugar and eat healthy fats. Hunger hormones reduce testosterone.Whey protein has branch chain amino acids, enhancing satiety hormones increasing testosterone and libido levels.

Exposure to chemicals like certain prescription drugs lower testosterone. Estrogen the “female hormone”is often a very large component of hormones given to chickens and animals, men’s levels are increased by the foods they eat, water they drink and pollution in the environment.


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