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In society today everyone strives for the best in everything. To keep up with work demands, home, family, friends, hobbies, gaming and televisiontime, what do men do when they need to work out? Competition in the workplace requires men to spend more time being on top of their game, ahead of the pack and working. To ensure stability and security in family life, with family members who are hopefully reasonably well balanced, contributing members of society, men spend time with these family members, experts tell us that this is what constitutes healthy relationships. So where do men fit their workout routines into this high paced intensely busy lifestyle?

Everyone knows people have to exercise, exercise is essential and of huge benefit to our health. Men must find time in their crazy schedules to workout, knowing this, men face their next dilemma, what workouts to do, how and when? Men are motivated by competition so the best way to ensure that a man gets to do his workout, in his scheduled time, is to invent a competition.

Then the next dilemma is how to work out and where, there are so many different selections in the market place today that a person could feel quite overwhelmed just by the choices that are available.

Investigating further there are some men who do not enjoy the gym or working out as such but would rather be in the elements outdoors, these are the runners who prefer pounding outdoors to treadmills, the water freaks don’t care whether it is summer or winter, the cyclists who are further divided between tar or the terrain and then we have the regular workout guys who spend an hour or two a day exercising.

Looking into the Men’s workout regimes there are a plethora of theories on what the best workout is and what is not. Currently the hottest topic in the men’s health and workout regimes seems to be Short Interval High Intensity Training.

Short Interval High Intensity Workouts are intense work outs with short intervals, this burns fat for long periodshours after your workout has finished. Short interval High Intensity training causes your body to absorb less oxygen during your routine, so the excess oxygen your body has stored flows back into your body after your workout routine, causing your metabolism to work at a higher rate long after you have left the gym.



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