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SWEAT And Achieve Your Wildest Dreams EVER

Prana Power Yoga ™created over 12 years ago by “Super -mom” Taylor Wellsand her husband Phillipe, provides the “Best Heated Yoga Ever”. They believe in keeping everything clean and simple. They claim there is enough drama and politics in the world and so they aim to keep it out of their Yoga Studios. Their passion is for their customers to “experience a feeling of love, connection, belonging, acceptance, and good energy in their Prana community.”

Prana Power Yoga ™ is about empowering you as an individual, where you currently are and to achieve your wildest dreams.

Yoga originated in India over 5000 years ago. India is hot and so Prana Power Yoga™ replicates this heat and practice in studios heated to 95-99° F to create “tapas” which helps you sweat out toxins.

Taylor and Phillipe believe that everyone is a Yogi; no student needs to be perfect or have the perfect attire. Students arrive in class and do their best breathing ever. Taylor and Phillipe believe this practice will transform students’ lives.

PranaPower Yoga ™ offers the best “Heated Flow”. With 19 different class options there is an exercise or class for everyone. All Levels Heated is a class of (vinyasa) yoga practiced in a heated room. “All levels” means whether you’re a novice or an experienced practitioner, you will fit right in. Vinyasa is a series of smooth flowing synchronised breathing movement poses sometimes referred to as “Flow” or “Vinyasa Flow”.Vinyasa will soothe your mind, strengthen and lengthen your muscle and open and cleanse your body.

Some of the other exciting as well as invigorating classes on offer at Prana Power Yoga™ are Prana 2 Music an All Levels Prana Power Yoga™ Flow set to music. Hour of Power is an All Levels class for 60 minutes. All Levels (Not Hot)is taught in an unheated studio. Pre-Dawn Practice with Taylor,the studio is lit by twinkle lights and Taylor practices in front of the class and you may follow her. Community Class is taught by a trainee or recent graduate offered at a discounted rate.Basics students who request a beginner’s class still do the famous Prana Power Yoga™ flow, but it’s slower. Basics (Not Hot) is the same as the basics class,however the temperature is milder at 80°.

Taylor and Phillipe have made Prana Power Yoga™about you. Over 40 000 students can’t be wrong.








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