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Office Exercises For Everyday Fitness

Office Exercises For Everyday Fitness
Office Exercises For Everyday Fitness

The life of an adult requires sitting, and a lot of it. On an average, we sit eight hours during work, and two hours during our commutes. As a result, many of us are gaining weight slowly and steadily over the years. With these busy schedules, getting to gym becomes a tough task. However, there are many office exercises for everyday fitness that can give your muscles the workout they need!

Exercising requires nothing more than just keeping the muscles active, and the easiest way doing this is walking. Climbing up the stairs is a great way to kick start exercising for everyday fitness. Whether it’s one floor or five, building up a habit of taking the stairs creates enough movement in the muscles. The side effect is a more energetic body and aware mind. If you don’t have access to stairs, simply walk around the office area once every hour for continuous exercise and fitness.

One of the main benefits of everyday fitness habits is that they bring positive changes to all aspects of your life. Stretching at your work desk requires no more than twenty minutes a day. Start with a neck stretch, which is as simple as touching your shoulder with your ear and holding the position for ten seconds. Follow this up with stretching your arms back slowly and keeping your back straight. Then stand up at the desk, hold out your arms, place them on the table and bend towards them. These basic exercises for everyday fitness prevent sore necks, carpel tunnel and correct your posture over time.

Most of us hit the post-lunch wall, where our minds have to be forced into concentrating. While others languish during this hour of unproductivity, you can get your mind and body in shape with standing exercises for office fitness. As for workout gear, a water bottle filled up to the top and your office chair will suffice!

Pick up the water bottle in your right hand at your chest level. Twist it all the way to the right till you feel resistance, and then twist it back to the center of your body. Take the bottle in your left hand, and then repeat the action towards the left. Repeat the actions ten times for each side. Then, stand up behind your chair. Put your hands on the headrest, lift your leg up behind you and move it in a circular motion. Repeat it ten times for each leg. These basic exercises for office fitness will banish the thoughts of an afternoon siesta and increase your focus on work.

Exercises for everyday fitness can be done while working as well! If your workspace happens to offer a workout area, take advantage of the treadmill! You can always place your laptop on the control panel and walk at a slow pace while sifting through e-mails and attending to minute work details. Otherwise, swap out your chair with an exercise ball to get stronger calf muscles and increased concentration.

Creating good habits means that you can keep get fit and reduce the pain your body feels after sitting all day long. With these simple exercises for everyday fitness, you will be in the pink of health before you know it!


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