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Mens and womens health magazines.

     I am often perplexed at how media companies can profit on Men’s and Women’s Health magazines, there are so many to choose from on any given day. What I find even more astounding is that there are enough subjects and articles on Men’s and Women’s Health and Fitness to keep publishing monthly editions to keep the magazines fresh, relevant and trending, without being repetitive and boring.

A person would think with so many Health and Fitness magazine options that we would be the fittest trimmest, sexiest society to have ever walked this earth. When you go into the retailer and look at the shelves of magazines, the first thing you see lining the shelves, from top to bottom and beginning to end, are gorgeous bikini clad women and muscular, pumped up men staring back at you.

So with all these options of men’s and women’s health magazines, why are we the unhealthiest, fattest, most unfit society to ever inhabit this earth? We don’t see magazines with fat, overweight, obese people on saying, Eat Everything In Sight!OR Lie On the Couch, Eat, Drink And Be Merry! Who would want to buy a magazine like that? The media companies would definitely not make a profit from that! Or is that the answer to my question? The media companies sell in excess of these Men’s and Women’s Health and Fitness magazines because we are such an unhealthy mass.

Considering that we as a society, and these magazines, really are in fact aiming at getting men and women to be fitter, healthier and stronger, perhaps we should reverse the psychology. Let’s start selling magazines portraying the nations as they really are, with unhealthy obese, fat, morbidly obese, unfit men and women on the covers, in their scants the same as the gorgeous fit and healthy models and celebs.Who would want to buy a magazine with such a horrible cover on it? But I think it would have the effect on society that we were aiming at in the first place, getting everyone thin, fit, healthy and strong. Once that is done we have achieved our end result.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Men’s and Women’s Health and Fitness magazines. I am the first person to buy every edition every month. That’s probably why I should be the first cover model on the 1stEditon of The Women’s Fat Ugly and Unhealthy magazine.


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