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Get Beautiful Nails Naturally Without A Manicure

Get Beautiful Nails Naturally Without A Manicure
Get Beautiful Nails Naturally Without A Manicure

Caring for our fingers and nails is not a priority for most people. Yet, having clean and beautiful nails can do a lot for a person in the first impression. To get beautiful nails naturally without a manicure is quite simple. In fact, excessive manicuring may often be worse the nails! These basic nail care tips can guide towards achieving the perfect nails you have always wanted.

1) A Break From Nail Polish
As wonderful as it looks, excessive use of nail polish is not a good way to treat the nails. Even though they are considered to be “dead”, the nail bed needs to be cleaned regularly and get a chance to breathe. It is advised to keep the nails free of polish for a few days between applications. As a basic guide, once the yellow tinge from the polish has disappeared, the nails can be painted again. However, it is best to keep them clean for as long as possible.

2) Maintaining The Cuticle
Scrubbing and stripping away the cuticle is a practice that does more harm than good. People with small nails often push back the cuticle to get bigger nails. Constant filing can make them look red and inflamed, which leads to an increase in the hangnails and ragged skin. It is essential to hydrate and care for the cuticle as much as possible, so that the nails can grow naturally.

3) Nail Polish Removal
Removing nail polish is something that most of us can be done with in under a minute. It’s super simple to dab acetone on cotton and wipe off the polish. Removing the acetone from the picture is a great way to get beautiful nails naturally without a manicure. It makes them brittle and strips them of the natural oils that keep them strong and shiny. There are a number of alternatives available for removers without acetone. Use any of these to see your beautiful nails with ease.

4) Change Your Filing Techniques
Filing nails at home is a quick way to keep them from growing all over the place. However, beautiful looking nails come from two simple tricks of filing. First of all, ditch the emery board filers and choose something with a textured surface. A metal nail file or a buffer will serve your purpose without damaging the nails in any way. Secondly, filing in a front to back motion creates ridges on the nails and often weakens them. It’s best to file them in the same direction, with single swipe motions!

5) Avoid Fancy Manicures
A manicure should ideally be done once in a while, preferably once in two to three months. Getting your nails done on a weekly or monthly basis does more harm to them than good. Manicures involving nail extensions, adding nail art and constant topcoats do little for the overall nail strength. Get beautiful nails naturally without a manicure instead by investing time and energy into them.

At the end of the day, our nails are like any other part of the body. They have to be taken care off, be nourished and not subjected to harsh environments. With these basic tips, you can be assured that your nails will remain beautiful for years to come!


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