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Diet And Fitness Trends You Should Follow

Diet And Fitness Trends You Should Follow
Diet And Fitness Trends You Should Follow

The worlds of fitness and social media have come together this year like never before. There is a barrage of new eating habits, fitness models and weight loss based accounts. From them, these are the best diet and fitness trends you should follow for a healthy and happy journey ahead!

Wearable Tech
The word ‘fitbit’ has become synonymous with people that are attempting to take charge of their health. And so, the rise of wearable tech for the body is one of the diet and fitness trends you should follow. Being able to get instant feedback about your exercise routine can be quite compelling and gratifying. The rise of the wearable tech market means you can get a variety of products that satisfy your needs and wallets, both! As an added side effect, you will surely begin to walk more often, leading to indirect benefits for fitness as well.

No Equipment Workouts For The Body
Often enough, going to the gym shows us the benefits of fitness sooner than later. However, one of the latest fitness trends of the year puts an emphasis on investing in no-equipment workouts. This includes running, push-ups, pull-ups, crunches, planks, lunges and squats, among others. The idea is to have a routine that can be performed in any corner off the world, without having to rely on the gym for your daily workout.

The concept of Calorie In Calorie Out isn’t new, but it has certainly taken on the fitness world by storm recently. The main idea behind this trend is to reduce weight on the basis of created calorie deficit. Instead of restricting meals and calories, one simply has to burn more calories than they consume. This trend allows people of all shape and size to slowly reduce their calorie intake to a healthier level and get exercise at the same time, promoting overall body fitness.

Exercise Becomes Enjoyment
There are few things that people enjoy in life like the company of friends and family. In contrast, there is exercising, which most of us undertake if we absolutely have to. One of the better diet and fitness trends you should follow is picking up and activity or sport that you can enjoy with others and turn it into the fitness routine. Simple things such as taking long walks, cycling, gardening, yoga – anything can be turned into a group activity that you can enjoy with friends.

Exclusion Diets
The idea behind all diets is to exclude some food or the other, and the idea of limiting calories is supposed to create fitness. However fitness has many different forms. With exclusion diets, you can see real time results for the foods that cause your body more harm than good. A dairy free diet would do wonders for somebody suffering from lactose intolerance, while a ketogenic diet would work for somebody that often overeats. Excluding all forms of processed food would help others reclaim their eating habits. The results are easy to see – people report fewer instances of gastric distress, lesser bloating, increased energy levels, decreasing headaches and a marked improvement in the skin. This makes it one of the best diet and fitness trends you should follow.


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