The practice of the act of yoga is vastly on the rise. In the USA alone, the total number of yoga practitioners is 20 million. About 8% of the population. Accompanying the increase in the practice of yoga is the prevalence of yoga studios where yoga is practised.

            One of such yoga studios in the USA will be discussed. This yoga studio is called the Black Swan yoga studio. It is situated in three locations in Austin, Texas. The first is located in 403 Orchard Street, Austin, Texas. The second location is 4534 Westgate Boulevard, Austin, Texas. The third location is 1236 Research Boulevard, Austin, Texas. The official website is www.blackswanyoga.com .


            The Black Swan yoga studio is approachable and community driven. It has classes by donation and unlimited membership at $88 per month. The classes held are usually of four types: Flow, power, Hot Onnit and Beginner.

            The flow classes make use of vinyasa yoga which connects pose movements with breath. It is a practice which creates balance between quick movements and steady pose holds.

            Hot Onnit classes make use of mats for the physical exercise. The exercise combines yoga warm-up as well as cool down with conditioning programming.

            The power class is like an advanced level of the flow class. It involves poses like hand stands and arm balances. The beginner classes on the other hand are as the name suggests. They are for beginner yoga practitioners. In beginners classes they are taught the basics and are introduced to the flow classes.


            Black swan yoga studio also offers teacher training classes. The teacher training classes are to be held for ten weeks. The classes take place on Saturdays and Sundays from 8am to 5pm. During the week, the teachers in training would have up to 5 hours of homework activities which range from reading, studying anatomy, observing yoga classes or practising teaching skills.

            Teachers in training are taught a range of topics like Alignment, Benefits, and Instruction of Flow Yoga, Alignment, Benefits, and Instruction of Hatha Yoga, Anatomy and Physiology of our Human Bodies, History and Philosophy of Yoga and so on.

            The fees are $2500 for those who pay before August 12. The regular fees are $2800 and $500 for those who want to secure a spot. The tuition covers some books on yoga like “light on yoga” by BKS Iyengar,”The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz, “The Power of Ashtanga Yoga “by Kino MacGregor and so on.

            In conclusion, the preceding has gone at length to expatiate on the black swan studio highlighting on its major services which includes its normal class programmes and teacher training programme.


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