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Before and After Weight Loss


    Many people suffer overweight; many of us have been up to the ideal weight after the trouble of exercise, or by a strong diet, but the difficulty the biggest challenge is to keep the weight, so we will mention you in this article causes of weight gain, how to maintain the weight.

Causes of weight gain:

Medical reasons:

It is for these reasons: endocrine disorders that result from hypothyroidism, and cause weight gain due to increased blood glucose ratio, and must check to make sure of its existence or not, for these reasons is widespread and easy to find him a treat, and there are a lot of medical drugs that help increase weight; medicines to prevent pregnancy, drugs and sugar treatment, and you should talk with your doctor to avoid side effects caused by medications.

Psychological reasons

It is the psychological reasons that cause an increase in weight: depression, lack of sleep; lies the impact of depression through the material excreted in the body help to appetite and mood in the brain; when there is a disturbance in the secretion of article there is a change in appetite, and also cause depression isolation and lack of activity and stress the other, and that drives them to eat a lot of food, and do not feel as much as they eat. The lack of sleep causes weight gain; lack of sleep because hinder the movement of natural hormone which increases appetite, and lack of sleep makes the body produces resistant material which makes it Insulin in serious need of sugars.

Ways to maintain weight

You have to divide your meals, and it must be divided meals today and be  regularly, eat quietly to enjoy the good digestion, does not deal with any food between meals; that the causes of food imbalance.

Do not mix foods together; it is true that confuse protein starchy foods, it must deal with each type separately; mixing food cause confusion to the process of digestion and worse the case of the stomach and worsen weight.

Reduce the sugar in drinks, particularly juices, if it is necessary to increase sugar; it is possible to replace the sugar with any thing else.

Do not take fruits and sweets after the food directly, it must be that the time between the main meal and fruit or pastries at least three hours so that the stomach time to process the good digestion, do not mix types of food because they cause trouble of the stomach and an increase in weight.

Stay away from fat is not including what benefit is an increase in weight is healthy, it is also of pathogens, many harms; due to the high calories in them.

Eating food containing fiber available with dry and fresh vegetables ; where fiber help get rid of harmful deposits in the body.

Do not take water, juices, and carbonated water in abundance in the center of the food; it must be before the food well in advance or after, do not sleep immediately after eating; it is of the causes of obesity, what is happening from the confusion of the stomach; there are active to practice the process of digestion nor is rest. You should pay attention to the distances between meals.

Exercise albeit simple; such as walking half an hour a day while going to work, it is possible to leave some distance to walk and climb the ladder proper manner of exercise Statistics daily, and some morning movements help decipher the muscles of inactivity during sleep and stimulate blood circulation.


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