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Best Natural Skin Whitening Tips


Skin whitening has emerged as a form of a beauty staple for Asian women; even men included skin whitening in their skin care and always looking for amazing natural skin whitening tips online. It seems that whiter skin looks more attractive and clean. Hence, the popularity of different kinds of whitening products from papaya soaps to scrubs to glutathione supplements.

Here are the reasons why these Skin whitening products are widely consumed for whitening:

Papaya Extracts

The most popular of all, the Papaya soap, which has been claimed to contain natural whitening ingredients from its extracts. Papaya extract or Papain contains enzymes which help in promoting skin renewal leaving the skin visibly lighter. Products made with papaya extracts didn’t end with just soaps, the moment it was proven effective, different other types of products were made. Papaya scrubs are a good combination as it exfoliates and whitens the skin at the same time. Lotions to face creams and toners have also been invented with papaya extract. It has definitely proven itself to be effective in all areas of beauty and skin care.


Glutathione claims to whiten the skin due to its antioxidant properties. In fact, glutathione is mainly used for health purposes and not skin whitening purposes. It is originally used in preventing chronic illnesses like infections and cancer because it cleans the liver and removes toxic wastes from our bodies. By removing toxins from our body and protecting it from illnesses, our body becomes clean in the inside promoting the growth of new cells. These new cells which are cleaner and tougher than the old ones will make our skin look lighter therefore showing a whiter version of ourselves. Getting whiter skin is the side effect of consuming glutathione supplements as it prevents in the cells in producing melanin, the substance that gives our skin color. So it does not just promote whiter skin, it also contributes in acquiring a healthier body.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid has been widely used by both children and adults to boost their immune system and protect their health from sickness. It can be consumed from supplements, syrups and citrus foods like oranges, lemons, limes, etc. But why is it now associated to skin whitening? Well, the reason why people take vitamin C for skin whitening is because of its unique way of forming new collagen. Our skin is the largest organ in the body and collagen is the protein the block that builds it. With vitamin C, collagen production is responsible for producing new skin cells as well as repairing damaged ones. A study showed that consuming vitamin C can actually heal wounds faster. Higher dosage of vitamin C can also increase our skin’s resistance to sunburn and can even fight skin aging and darkening as it fights free-radicals in our bodies.

Use these best natural skin whitening tips for even better natural skin whitening results. Combine all these three products as they would help each other achieve the best results in protecting the body as well as boosting the production of healthy cells, therefore, give you a whiter skin complexion.


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