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A Beginner’s Guide To Running For Fitness

BeginnerGuide To Running For Fitness
BeginnerGuide To Running For Fitness

There’s little that comes to us as naturally as walking and running. From our forefathers, to toddlers taking their first step – running has always been second nature. Not to mention, it’s one of the best overall exercises for the body. If you have always liked to walk, and want to challenge yourself, look no further than this beginner’s guide to running for fitness.

Step 1: Start Slow
First time runners often overestimate their abilities and this can cause permanent injuries to the body. Beginners in running for fitness should take the time to listen to their body, and exercise accordingly. Do not push your legs beyond their limit and remember to take breaks during running as often as you need to.

Step 2: The Right Diet
Running for fitness doesn’t mean that you should ignore your diet. After all, the aim is to build a strong body. A healthy diet comprises of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, along with all the vitamins to keep a balance. And most importantly, always stay hydrated for an optimum running experience.

Step 3: Invest In Equipment
The most careful beginners in running for fitness are often set back by injuries caused by improper equipment. The most important part of the set is the right kind of shoes. Look for a pair that suits the terrain you run on, the frequency of your runs and fits your foot perfectly. After that, add in clothes that keep the body temperature balanced and you will start enjoying your runs a lot more.

Step 5: Running Requires Patience
From adopting the correct posture to seeing results in the mirror, running is a long-term investment. Even if you don’t see the benefits of running for fitness in the first month, give it some more time. Don’t lose hope and continue your journey.

Step 6: It’s All In The Mind
It takes a lot more than simple willpower to sustain running. A beginner’s guide to running requires training the mind to create optimum conditions for running. Once you get the hang of running, start mapping out the process in your brain and turn into a habit. This means setting down a game plan, planning your run days in advance and most importantly: weeding out excuses beforehand.

Step 7: Find Your Running Route
Many first timers in running for fitness leave midway because their routes are not suited for the exercise. Pick a route that takes your through the scenery you enjoy. Nature lovers should stick to parks, running trails and near trees. Those that love the bustle of the city can look for sidewalks and roads created specifically for running. This ensures that your running for fitness does not stop!

Step 8: Get Social
In the age of social media, it’s not hard to find a group that can act as an offline beginner’s guide to running for fitness. Running with other people allows you to stay motivated and provides encouragement. It also allows you to set challenges for yourself in the future, which continues the journey of becoming a runner.

From enjoying the scenery to running a marathon, there are many reasons why people take up running. Following a beginner’s guide to running for fitness ensures that you find more and more joy in the activity and progress further each day!


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