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     All of us exercise knowingly or unknowingly, but a lot more people are not fit. The exercises they do are not effective enough to make them strong. They do not become fit because the exercises don’t give them the ability to endure pain. Thankfully we have fitness clubs all over. But most fitness clubs have problems. Its either they are not properly equipped or they lack trained instructors. We go to fitness clubs to get fit but going to those kinds of fitness clubs would be harmful to your health in the long run. Which fitness club can provide you with strength for the 24 hours of all your days? Don’t think so long. It’s the 24 Hours Fitness Club which has its corporate office in California and has many branches all over the US with a few others in other countries. 24 Hours Fitness is the world’s largest privately owned fitness chain when it comes to membership, and the third highest in terms of the number of clubs it owns.

24 Hour Fitness has more than 420 clubs and over 18,000 employees. It was founded by Mark Mastrov but is currently owned by AEA investors. In 2004, 24-Hours Fitness became a sponsor of U.S. Olympic Team. The sponsorship allowed athletes who wanted to join the Olympic Team membership in the fitness club and helped them upgrade to the United States Olympic Training Centers eventually. 24 Hours Fitness also created the reality show “The Biggest Loser” where overweight people compete with each other to lose weight for millions of dollars. It’s no surprise that the motto of 24 Hours Fitness is “Improving lives through fitness”. It has done what its motto says more than even expected and it is yet to improve more lives.

24 Hours Fitness provides different types of training modules and equipments to help everyone keep fit. There are several exercises you can do there including balance exercises, flexibility exercises, aerobic endurance exercises, strength training exercises and even walking. These exercises help to improve the physical fitness of a person greatly. They do this by improving your speed, body composition, cardio-respiratory health and muscular endurance and strength. When you’re fit you avoid heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and other health problems. You also strengthen your bones and make your joints flexible.

You want to be fit, don’t you? Then spend at least an hour a day in any 24 Hours Fitness club near you.


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