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24 Hour Fitness – Why You Should Work Out NOW


24 Hour Fitness, pioneers in the fitness industry have nearly 4 million members in 420 clubs in 18 states, in the USA. With their Headquarters in San Ramon California they have dedicated themselves to helping members transform their lives and reach their unique health goals. The world’s biggest privately owned and managed fitness centre chain coming in 3rd behind Golds and Fitness First in the UK.

With over 30 years’ experience in the training industry, understanding that each member has their own individual style of training and unique needs in terms of amenities and services. Whether you want to lose a few kilograms, get healthier or are the addicted, adrenaline junkie, gym bunny type, 24Hour Fitness has something for everyone, even Kids programs and extensive services for the elderly called Silver Sneakers.

24 Hour Fitness and NBC developed the reality show, The Biggest Loser, a reality show featuring contestants vying for millions of dollars by losing weight. The 2004- 2008 US Olympic Team was sponsored by 24 Hour Fitness.

24 Hour Fitness has a service and solution for everyone, Free group classes, water aerobics, cardio, weights and strength training equipment, dedicated stretching areas, TRX ™ Suspension Training, lap pools, saunas, whirlpools and steam rooms and 4000 certified trainers. Their amenities are not all exactly the same, depending on their locations, some may be smaller and not offer all the products and services the bigger venues do.

Silver Sneakers is an active aging programme, helping older folk with flexibility, strength and cardio vascular health. Newcomers are welcome and assisted every step of the way in achieving their health and fitness aspirations; once again classes depend on the location of your local training centre.

Unfortunately as with most corporations 24 Hour Fitness has also had their fair share of bad publicity. In March 2015 a member died in the steam room and her body was only found the next day. The autopsy ruled her cause of death as acute renal failure from dehydration.

24 Health Fitness has a digital lifestyle magazine, 24 Life™, recipes, tips workouts and videos wherever you are, there is no excuse now for you not to be working out.

Choosing to start working out in a gym is the best foundation you can start laying for your body right now.24 Hour Fitness aims to make your gym experience fun and simple. Memberships are tailor made with several choices.



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